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Smooth Over Even the Biggest Jobs

There's a time every year when we just have to get out and get started on those 'little' jobs that need to be done around the house. Often, while swept up in this primal urge to get things done, we even take on some tasks that we'd like to think we can do, but often can't. So we try to do something really big that we can show our friends and say, “Yes, I did that - and there was nothing to it” even though you know it nearly cost you your life and marriage on more than one occasion. Then you s...


Essential Abrasives Forr Woodworking

Most of us, when we decide that we finally need to do a bit of work on an old and dilapidated project that we stopped working on years before, will just grab the first piece of sandpaper that comes along and start to work our magic on the project. Of course, that's fine if it just needs a few minor rough edges removed. But what should you go for if a more heavy duty industrial abrasive product is required? Here's a small selection that might just be able to help you get the job finished: Hook and loop sa...


Superabrasives to Help You Grind and Hone

The so called 'superabrasives' are industrial abrasive products that have been specifically designed with today's range of hardened steel's, glasses, ceramics, super alloys and toughened composites in mind. Here are just few of the available superabrasives and what they could do for you, if you have some heavy duty finishing work to do: Grinding wheels: grinding wheels are coated with aluminum oxide and silicon carbide so as to give them the abrasive qualities that they need in order to grind down some of ...


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